For the best soil health, use the best slurry!

Healthier soils grow more, producing better grass and making more milk.

We can help you treat your slurry, to keep your slurry tanks crust-free, saving on agitation time & costs and helping you optimise nitrogen use.

SlurryBugs® and SlurryBugs® Shift-It  are bacterial slurry inoculants that break down solid matter and crusts to produce a more homogenous and nutrient-rich fertiliser. They add non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to slurry to drive the breakdown of crusts and solid matter. The enzymes start the initial breakdown of solid matter, whilst the bacteria multiply in the slurry with the help of booster micronutrients. The beneficial bacteria also secrete enzymes to further break down solid matter, releasing N, P, K and Carbon from the solid material. This means SlurryBugs® creates a more homogenous slurry with an improved NPK value, which can reduce your bought-in fertiliser costs.

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