Dynamo Pellets 

A blend of quality manures including composted chicken litter, high in organic carbon & Trace Elements (1200kg)

PK Plus Pellets

A unique blend of premium poultry manure with boosted P & K nutrients (1200kg)

Custom Chicken Pellet Blend

A blended fertiliser pellet to suit your soils unique requirements based on soil & crop analysis.

Giving you all the benefits of a carbon based fertiliser, plus the added nutrients to maximise the productivity of the soil on your farm. (1200kg)


Precision Nourish 

A fermented soil feed designed with a natural capacity for nitrogen chelation as an improved partner for liquid nitrogen applications (1000L)


An Irish Made, processed at low temperature, Seaweed Extract (10L / 1000L)


A liquid Humic & Fulvic to help increase CEC & uptake of Phosphorous, enhances root development, helps reduce osmotic stress (20L / 1000L)

Precision Fulvic

29.5% Fulvic Acid, Boosts Nutrient Absorption (10L)

Precision Carbo-flo

A tailored made carbon based liquid feed that includes a mix of compost and seaweed extracts, fermented plant feeds, Irish liquid fish, Seawater and other nutrients. Can be sprayed on seed, injected into soil or foliar fed.       (10L / 1000L)