Precision Nutrition Ltd offer a wide range of Biostimulants, Foliar Feeds, Special Correctors, Granular fertilisers and Animal Nutrition Products.




Biological Range                                                                              Carbon Fertiliser Range 



Foliar Range                                                                                       Animal Nutrition


Precision Nutrition’s core focus is to offer Consultancy, Analysis and Expertise in biological farming to our customers, Build your profits from the roots up!

 We supply a multitude of products from leading suppliers across Europe. Because of our expertise in soil nutrition we can help you to select products that will directly target any problems you are experiencing, thus reducing waste, saving you money and resolving any problems in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

We always recommend that the first thing our customers do is have a soil analysis taken as we can analysis the results to see exactly what your soil needs in order to produce the best possible yield. This knowledge is the key to continuously producing profitable crops as we can then target your fertiliser (etc) to meet your soils needs.

Here at Precision Nutrition we believe that you should – Assess your best asset, you soil!

Our biological products are right on the cutting edge of new technology, we deliver effective products based on scientific research allowing you to optimise  your soil and yield potential !!

          • Soil & Crop Nutrition Specialists
          • Consultancy
          • Help balance your soil fertility
          • Improve Soil Structure
          • Increase your Yield
          • Increase your Profit

We are also  invested in supporting R&D, we have worked with and supported some of Ireland’s leading universities including University College Dublin, UCD.