Soil is the basic raw material of farming and fundamental to agricultural productivity.
The Biological activity together with the physical and chemical properties of your soil impacts it’s fertility and health.
At Precision Soils we provide a soil testing service that uses the latest technology to balance your soils, target your fertiliser inputs to where they are needed.
This benefits you by increasing your average yield across each field.
Our Services include :
Based on our analysis 25% of pH levels are below optimum on Irish farms. By variable rate soil sampling we can accurately determine where these low-level areas are. Based on the analysis we can apply the appropriate lime and fertilisers precisely to the areas that require it
Using your soil results and zoning, we will advise you on the best plan for your individual needs.
Our Nutrient management Planning service will ensure your compliance with environmental objectives. Our goal is to improve the productivity of your soil and help you reduce Nitrogen levels.
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