Precision Placement Fertiliser

This is the second part of our normal fertilising crop programme.

Here at Precision Nutrition we encourage our growers to look strongly at placement fertilisers to help reduce the cost of growing their crops. Most people think of placement fertilisers as a fertiliser product being placed beside the seed at sowing.  I like to think of my first precision placement fertiliser as what we recommend as a seed dressing!!

Our second shot at Precision Placement Fertiliser is whatever material or combination of materials we recommend for placement beside, directly under or around the freshly planted seeds. The main aims of any Precision Placement Fertiliser is to give the crop a great start and to grow more roots again we are back to the importance of roots!!

Give us a call if you would like to learn more about some of the seed dressings, fertilisers and fertiliser enhancements that we recommend to our clients.