How Much Can We Do?

We recommend a soil analysis for all our first time customers, this allows us to get an insight into what is happening within the soil, based on the results of the analysis we can make recommendations on how to proceed next.

Depending on a number of issues including the farmer budget, whether the land is owned or rented, fertiliser prices etc. Our first advice is to build soil nutrient levels with organic fertilisers and soil conditioners, e.g. Limestone, Cattle, pig or poultry slurry or manure, compost etc.  These natural fertiliser materials are the most soil friendly ones to work with and are usually the most cost effective from a farmers point of view.

If no organic materials are available or we need to top dress after using organic materials we then recommend chemical fertilisers.  To summarise our first principle always is to build and balance soil nutrition levels using natural organic slurries, manures, composts etc.  After this we consider feeding the plant using Broadcast fertilisers, precision placement fertilisers, seed dressings, Biological’s and foliar feeding.