Cover Crops

We encourage farmers to use as much cover cropping as their crop systems allow.

Why Cover Crops?

Cover cropping is one of nature’s best ways to improve soil conditions and increase soil health and biological activity.

Cover crops have a number of benefits that include,

Increasing water and air movement through soil

Making soils more friable and easier to work

Helping to reduce steel and diesel bills

Helps to build soil carbon levels

Helps to build soil organic matter and humus levels

Builds the house for earthworms to flourish

Some cover crops to fix atmosphere nitrogen and build it into soils

Some cover crops help to release nutrients that are locked up in our soils.

Which cover crops should you use?

We have growers using OATS, Re, Vetch, Lucerne, Stubble turnips, Kale, Clovers etc, alone or in mixes to give different benefits to their soils.

Oats is one of the cheapest and easiest options to get started.

We have many customers who have been growing cover crops for 10 years or more. Please contact us for their details if you would like to talk to them directly.