With the heavy rainfall we have experienced over the last few weeks and months, it is topical to talk about how we can as farmers, help to improve drainage and water infiltration potential in our fields.

 Last week we spoke about Earthworms and how they can have a positive effect on soil drainage and water infiltration, this week we will talk about using plants either as cover/ companion crops in tillage systems or multi species as part of grassland swards.

The main goals would be to reduce compacted areas and increase soil aeration.

These goals can help a lot to increase water infiltration rates and support proper drainage.

Picking plant species that provide a good a mix of root architecture can be a big help to aerate soil at different depths and to nourish soil Macro & Micro biology to also help with the soil aeration and producing drainage channels.

In grass fields, even having clovers can have a big positive influence in water infiltration rate, versus monoculture ryegrass swards.

Considering deep rooting plants such as Chicory, Lucerne, Yarrow, and Sweet Clover, Cocksfoot, Vetch, etc can, as part of a multi species sward also help improve aeration and soil infiltration.

 In tillage systems, even Oats, Rye, Phacelia, Vetch, Radish, Beans, Mustard etc as part of cover crop mixes can have massive positive effect on soil health, structure, drainage & water infiltration.

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