New Year… New Challenges….New Thinking 

If as farmers, your new year resolution is to learn more about

* biological farming, 

* regenerative agriculture, 

* reducing Nitrogen usage  to comply with new EU regulations,  

* balancing your soils, 

* nurturing your soil microbiological families,  

* growing cover crops, 

* using conservation agriculture,

* encouraging pollinators, 

* integrating pest management, 

* improving Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), 

* improving biodiversity on farm, 

* learning about sustainable agriculture, 

* coping with the loss of chemical actives (especially on tillage farms), 

* adopting biological and regenerative farming systems etc 

then we at Precision Nutrition can help.

 We provide 

A – soil analysis, 

B – plant sap analysis, 

C – consultancy services and 

D – a wide range of natural, nutritional and biological products to help you farm in a more natural, nature friendly way. 

We also carry out trial work to keep our knowledge and advice up to date and relevant.
We work with a large number of Agri Merchants, Advisors & Agronomists nationwide and provide back up to our Merchant Agronomists so they can help their local farmers to farm in a more natural, sustainable way.

You will see these benefits, 

* – you will have more balanced soils, 

*  – increase organic matter, 

* – increase soil fertility, 

* – build resilient soils, 

* – increase drought resistance, 

* – improve Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), 

* – optimise yield potential, 

* – improve farmer happiness levels, 

* – improving farm resilience & profitability, education & empowerment of both advisors and farmers,

* –  possible reduction in fertiliser & Ag chem usage to help comply with EU legislation,

We are passionate in driving a more sustainable natural way of farming. 

If you want to know more, call us at 087 648 7899 / 087 1306661 for a consultation, or we can put you in touch with a local Merchant Agronomists.