Out Soil sampling

Chris and Mark were out and about soil sampling this week – At Precision Nutrition we provide a soil testing service that uses the latest technology to balance your soils and target your fertiliser inputs to where they are needed. Read More

Planning Ahead !

Soil is the basic raw material of farming and fundamental to agricultural productivity. The Biological activity together with the physical and chemical properties of your soil impacts it’s fertility and health. At Precision Soils we provide a soil testing service Read More

Bio-Brews and Nutrition

Winter Wheat in the wee county looking good so far – grown with only our bio-brews and nutrition. We will monitor disease pressure closely to guide our next spray decision‬ ‪#IPM #weeklycropwalking #BiologicalFarming

Cover Crops

We encourage farmers to use as much cover cropping as their crop systems allow. Why Cover Crops? Cover cropping is one of nature’s best ways to improve soil conditions and increase soil health and biological activity. Cover crops have a Read More