Biological Farming

Definition : ‘Biological Farming is an approach to food and fiber production that respects the natural processes in the farm or garden ecosystem in order to yield top quality products, provide a viable living for the producer, and sustain long-term productivity’.


Precision Nutrition is the market leader in Ireland for providing biological farming consultancy, services and supplying products. Our Biological range of products is at the forefront of new technology in farming. We have discovered through many trials that biological products can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of applied fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. This helps to increase crop yields and improve the condition of the soil. Some of the products are more crop specific. We have a wide selection of quality minerals and supplements for crops, the dairy industry, horticulture, allotments and also the equestrian market. Contact Annmaire now : 041 6871917 for more information or alternatively email us : info@precisionnutrition.ie.

We are working with many companies from around the world to develop products and bring them to the market, based on what we think will help improve soil and crop health and thus increasing the yield producing capacity of farmers’ crop.

Whats the objective with Biological Farming?

We are looking for healthy, sweet smelling, high production soils that are full of balanced nutrients, carbon, oxygen with well fed healthy biology. We have been promoting, trialing and using biological products and concepts, for the last 12-15 years.