The word Biodiversity is actually short for Biological diversity.

Biodiversity covers the huge variety and variability of life on Earth and is essential to all healthy functioning ecosystems.

All species are interconnected, we all depend on one another, which is often hard, for so called intelligent human beings to understand.

It is easy to understand how some people can think there are no problems with Biodiversity levels, especially in a country like ours, where nature looks so beautiful, green and lush.

The more Biodiversity that exists in any ecosystem makes a stronger more resilient community / ecosystem.

This helps to make sure that any stresses or changes experienced in the ecosystem will have less effect on the stability of the ecosystem.

Irish & Global biodiversity levels are under real threat. Do a bit of poochin, on how you can help improve biodiversity on your farm, community, neighbourhood, parish, country etc.

It is worth looking up Biodiversity Ireland ( among others, to help learn more.

Biodiversity benefits humans in so many ways, e.g, plant providing clean oxygen, bees and other pollinators helping to produce foods, trees and plants for building materials, fibre for clothing and papers and in some cases vital medicines.

A lot of farmers and advisors consider insects as pests, but for every 1 pest species there are approx 1700 beneficial species, and this can help us move forward with Integrated Pest Management strategies.

Plants and soil with its vast biodiversity can help soak up excess water to help reduce flooding, also provide water purification services to provide clean drinking water for humans, animals, birds etc.

Ask not what can Biodiversity do for you, but what can you do for Biodiversity.

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