At Precision Soils we provide soil sampling and testing services, we use independent labs that use the latest technology, to help you balance your soils and target your inputs.  We provide a range of soil tests from basic analysis to more detailed suite of tests. The results provide a wealth of information that helps us create the most suitable program for you and your farm.

Our Services include :

Based on our analysis 25% of pH levels are below optimum on Irish farms. By variable rate soil sampling we can accurately determine where these low-level areas are. Based on the analysis we can apply the appropriate lime and fertilisers precisely to the areas that require it.
Using your soil results and zoning, we will advise you on the best plan for your individual needs so you get the best nutrition for your soil to produce the best crops.
No two farms are the same and no two soils are the same.
Our soil influences crop health and yield, our cultivation systems, farming methods, agronomic practices, weed pressure, fertiliser requirements and ultimately profitability.
Our Nutrient management Planning service will ensure your compliance with environmental objectives. Our goal is to improve the productivity of your soil and help you reduce Nitrogen levels.
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