EPATRAL – A proven Solution to enhance animal’s health and performance
FEED EFFICIENCY and MILK PRODUCTION – Return on Investment – Average €4 for €1.00

Epatral E Brochure

Use Results in
1. Better feed efficiency for milk and beef production
2. Helps prevent Ketosis
3. Improved hormonal function leading to Better Fertility
4. Increased milk yield – Improvement of cow’s health – and as a result : Increase in Milk .
Milk yield increases across Irish trials of between 0.8 and 1.8litres per cow per day
Main features of EPATRAL
1- Totally natural product
2 – Detoxifies the liver
3- Can be fed at any time
4 – Suitable for Dairy cows and Beef
Key Applications
* During lactation and/or fattening periods.
* During feed transition
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