Hello folks, Robbie here.

I live by the motto that every day is a school day, a phrase that is used every day on the family farm.  As I do my own independent trials I can get a great view of what works and what doesn’t work, I then begin to start asking the HOW or the WHY of biological farming.  Each new discovery leads to another question, another challenge and another possibility.  Every day I challenge myself to try to improve yields for my customers and in turn increase their profits.

My trials to date have all provided excellent results and they have further heighted my expectations for biological farming as the yields from the trial were the highest yields we have seen so far, this was on top of what was considered a high yielding year in Ireland.  I am definitely seeing some interesting things happening and there is strong move towards a focus on proper soil and crop nutrition and balance.

My main area of interest is the Biological farming.  Previously the main focus of attention had been on physical and chemical traits with soils, therefore most people are neglecting the biological area, I am hoping to change this through my work!

Thank you.

Any questions ? Directly contact Robbie here : robbie@precisionnutrition.ie