Company History

Precision Nutrition has being in operation from 2007 and since then we have been helping farmers across Ireland to grow healthier crops.

We have discovered that better soil creates better crops and many of our loyal customers agree with us on this point.  Brendan Lynch of Oberstown farms employs Precision Nutrition to manage his soil and crop nutrition programmes and he has changed how he farms, Brendan stated thatFocusing on soil management made us question conventional thinking and make the most of our on-farm resources”. 

Our whole business is based on the importance of soil and how Healthy Soil= Healthy Crops= Healthy Yields.

As the enterprise has grown we have made adjustments to our core competencies, Soil nutrition has now become a subsidiary of Precision Nutrition. Precision Soils launched in September 2014 and focuses purely on soil management and nutrition.

image002  Contact : Mark 086 858 2508 

“Our Goal is to improve the Productivity of your soil”