About Us

Precision Nutrition started business 2007 . Robbie wanted to provide natural solutions for farmers to help them improve soil and plant health though nutrition. 

Robbie grew up working on a his family farm with his father, from this he developed an early interest in the importance of good nutrition for soil and crops. 

He completed an Agricultural Degree in UCD in 1996 and went on to complete a Masters Degree at UCD specialising in Crop Health and Nutrition, along with granular and foliar fertiliser strategies.

Robbie has been working in the agricultural industry for over twenty years and in this time he has amassed a wealth of experience that has seen him become one of the top experts in Ireland on soil and crop nutrition. 

Robbie always had an interest in enhancing nature to improve crop health and he had a growing interest in developing sustainable regenerative farming practices, which he believed was the future for farming, so he decided to set up his own company to cater for the growing interest he was witnessing with Merchant customers and Irish farmers.

Robbie regularly speaks at conferences around Ireland and passes his knowledge on to farmers and merchants.

Robbie has developed a niche in the market for Biological products. Trials have shown us the many benefits of using biological products. 

We believe that everything starts with in the soil and we recommend taking a soil sample of every farm that we deal with as this gives a strong idea of what kind of condition the soil is in and allows us to provide better advice.


Precision Nutrition Ltd.

CRO: 432746 

Registered: Dublin