At Precision Nutrition, we provide biological and regenerative farming solutions to our customers to help optimise soil and crop nutrition, which can help boost plant immunity and reduce susceptibility to diseases and pests.

We provide a Natural and Biological Solution through our range of analytical services & natural products, which are available through our nation wide merchants.

Through testing and analysis  we can help you identify what your soil needs and we can create a personalised nutritional program to help you produce the healthiest crops with improved yield. 

We provide an alternative solution to conventional farming methods. We believe there are many, many benefits of working with Nature.

Working with biological and regenerative farming principles is more sustainable, crops are healthier and therefore less susceptible to disease. By working with Nature, natural soil processes, such as growing more roots, increasing your soil bio-diversity and organic matter can greatly enhance productivity and yields. 

Whatever type of farm you have, or crops you grow, we have products and services that will support you. Whether you want help with soil health and fertility, nutrient balance, nutrient availability, plant health etc, we can advise you. We have developed excellent natural products and we have biological farming consultants to help you.

Our sister company, Precision Soils, is dedicated to Soil Management and Nutrition. You can visit them on    Precision Soils