What we do?

Welcome to Precision Nutrition.

We are an agricultural company based in Ireland supplying products and services for farming.

We help you to grow bigger Yields, increase Fertility and most importantly increase your Profits.

Our founder, Robbie is a biological farming specialist and his commitment is to improving farming by firstly restoring soils and then balancing  the nutrient uptake between soil & crop.  

Our belief that healthy soils produce healthy plants for healthy livestock and healthy humans. 

Biological Farming is an approach to food and fibre production that respects the natural processes in the farm or garden ecosystem in order to yield top quality products, provide a viable living for the producer, and sustain long-term productivity.

Why Biological?

Benefits of working with Nature

  • More sustainable
  • Crops are more Productive, Healthy & thus less susceptible to disease
  • Dependence on Expensive inputs declines
  • Increase in Yields
  • Natural soil processes can replace artificial intervention
  • Growing more roots
  • Increasing fertiliser use efficiency values
  • Increasing soil bio-diversity
  • Increases organic matter

Whatever type of farming you do or whatever kind of crops you grow, we have products and services that can help you achieve the best yield possible using the principles of biological farming. We have developed excellent natural products and have biological farming consultants to provide support to our customers.

Healthy Soil= Healthy Crops= Healthy Yields.

Farming, Agriculture trade, Sporting grounds, Horticulture and Allotments constitute  the majority of our customer base but we can cater to any company/individual aiming to produce goods healthily  whether if be for commercial/ personal purposes.

We encourage you to browse our website or contact us with any queries.

Thank you,

Precision Nutrition®.

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